Kineros | Cinamor

Love of movement, Love of rest, 

Pilgrimage (noun, verb): a journey to a site of sacred significance. 

I feel I am present at a cult 
whose members have nothing in common 
but their presence in the same place.

Stanley Cavell, The World Viewed

How better to show how beautiful and strange the world is?

How full, how wonderful, how warm and welcoming the world of film - large and small - can be.

Durham's Carolina Theatre continues long traditions of independent and arthouse film programming in the Triangle of North Carolina.

At micro- and macro- scales, from Hollywood to cinematheque, Cinema is the living image of the human imagination.

Analog Museum - Durham Cinematheque. Proprietor: Tom Whiteside. Durham NC.

Mahoning Drive-In Theater. Continuously operational since 1949, the drive-in exclusively features 35mm film programming of retro titles.

Cosmic Rays Film Festival is the best kept secret in the Triangle region, programming a host of world-class experimental film each year.

At the Mahoning, it was my pleasure to be invited to explore their 35mm projector, conveniently located right next door to the snacks, by their projectionist. He was lovely.

Tom Whiteside generously shares the analog arts.

How wonderful that people still make the effort to go there.

Accompanied by a muse in The Red Room/Black Lodge

Cinema holds forbidden fruits of the mind.

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