(desire to fill)

The dim of the cinema, the chaos underground, a dear friend's embrace. 

A spark, superboiling, emits chiaroscuro glow. 

The ebullience of reality.

Aristotle did not sufficiently define κάθαρσις
neither has anyone else

Inspire.gracious. mess

Whether I am capturing the work of an artist producing collaborative portraits, or finding some obscure layer of reality to express how I feel in a concentration camp, my lens, my life; my camera, my guide. I am profoundly grateful for the energy that has brought me here.

Let's make beautiful things

all opposites combine; then, therefore, the choice is yours and mine 

to make, in our selection of paramount heresies, to embrace a soul.


My tender and sincere affections revolved around as many storytelling and imagemaking mechanisms as I could find.

With photography, I embarked on a lifelong journey:
harnessing the power and brilliance of light, and beyond that, to understand. To take light as its own image. 

Not merely in the minutiae of technicalities, or the curiosities of optics, but in the spiritual, deep, and vital qualities that suffuse its manifest forms. 

To bring: into being

This is a still capture of the precise moment I purchased my first SLR camera.

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