Atrocity Camp

Imagine, for a moment, what happens "the day after,"
when we realize this was a diabolical dress rehearsal;
a macabre testing ground of methods also meant for us.


When every community, every movement, every person
who dares object to subjugation and cruelty,
who dares object to state brutality,
who refuses to salute Ethnic-Nation fervor
becomes Their new target.


"Christian" fascists take the state.
See their gerrymandered maps.
Listen as they spit mercilessly on actual Christian teachings
like loving one's neighbor as oneself.


Soon, maybe, you will see
as your own children, grandchildren, wives, husbands,
neighbors, and friends come under this unholy scrutiny




and you find their blood on your hands,
that you mistook them as enemies, for wrongs uncommitted,
and lent your power and allegiance to a class of psychotic blasphemers.

Auschwitz I

And, despite any differences, any disagreements,
There is no comfort for the loss of love you will feel.
There is no comfort in the dark night where your soul used to be.

What spark is left
is haunted by their memories pleading
for your own humanity

for strangers on the other side of the world
who did not deserve the tortures they endured
at your willing hand, hardness of heart, strength of ignorance.

Meanwhile, you are too afraid to have any of these thoughts
against your new masters.

How curious is this "pro-life" posturing

—and that no exceptions for rape and incest
ensure the seedy satisfaction of their true power base
whose "family values"you espoused.

Auschwitz II: Birkenau

They are full of a deep, old, miserly and hateful evil.

It is already at the door
in this atrocity camp.


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